Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wyoming - post spring

Wyoming is attempting the most thorough change of personality the conference has seen in years, going from a ground-first defense-heavy attack to a high-tempo pass-happy out-score-'em style. Graham Watson, who watched Christensen install the same offense at Missouri, says the project is progressing, but hints that it's take a few years-- just like it did in Missouri. Even the coaches are having difficulty keeping up. 17 Cowboys have been out at one time with injuries, (and 17 missed the spring game, leaving only 51 on the roster, forcing Coach Joe to bring in some graduating seniors to fill spots) still unused to the vigor Christensen expects from his team.

Wyoming returns highly experienced Brian Hendricks in the place of graduated LBs; QBs Karsten Sween, Dax Crum, and Adam Barry are all fighting to start; look for Barry to change positions; Sween ended spring atop the depth chart. All QBs have been open for sacks, but Karsten Sween loves the new scheme because he ran something like it in high school; TE Orlando Arnold looks forward to catching balls; his brethren on offense are getting the swing of things and even getting the best of the Wyoming D some of the time. The D doesn't have to re-learn every facet of its game, even if it is working out harder than it ever has. Senior Russ Arnold takes over at center; coach Mike Fanoga has helped bring several Polynesian players to Laramie; freshman corner Tashaun Gipson has impressed. Brandon Stewart, who was a specialty speed back in '08, looks to figure more prominently in the Cowboys' spread option. Junior Darious Terry, and sophomores James Davis, and James Carraway (second feature on the trio) will vie to replace seniors Wynel Seldona and Devin Moore, Wyoming's only good offensive news in '08. Terry loves the new spread, and is running a wildcat formation from it sometimes.
In the second half of the Cowboys' third scrimmage, the offense began to click; one particularly bright spot in the inter-squad game was the kicker: Jake Scott was 5-5. The offense was so underwhelming in the spring game, however, that the secondary and running game looked good; Karsten Sween did finish it off with a long TD drive, however.

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