Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Mexico - post spring

New Mexico may be surprisingly strong; they replaced every single coach in the off-season, but return strong lines, experienced QBs, and talent to replace Rodney Ferguson- perhaps the best Lobo rusher in the modern era. The Lobos' Locksley isn't naming any starters while teaching his players yet another offensives system, and are looking for a few good men to fill DeAndre Wright and Grover Quinn's shoes in the secondary, as well as Jermaine Queen at WR.

Defense looks sharp, intercepting the QBs; practice is less about hard hitting than it is about being in the right place; Gruner and Smith impress in the QB battle, though Donovan Porterie looks like the starter going in to fall. Big DT Peter Gardner impresses on the line. Gruner and RB Terrence Brown (pictured) got the best of the D in a scrimmage; Porterie isn't trailing in the QB battle; Donovan Porterie has regained a comfort zone after his rehab, while WR Roland Bruno and PK James Aho are making plays consistently. Safeties Bubba Forrest (really!) and Mica Williams have impressed.

DT Ahraya Crespin and Donovan Porterie shone in the spring game; Terrence Brown was on crutches.

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