Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Game

The Frogs took to the field ones-on-ones, twos-on-twos, for the spring game today. Dalton and Jackson alternated at QB for the first team; Gallegos and Pachall for the second team. There was a noticable dropoff in offensive coordination on the second team, including several bad snaps. Gallegos dove after one of them, and twisted his knee in the melee, injuring it. Pachall showed his speed more than once, and Dalton hid the ball on some play action runs very well. Both overthrew receivers more than once. Gallegos looked crispest passing.

The Frogs did not show the offensive variety they've exhibited to much smaller audiences in practices; there was lots of running up the gut-- which is noticably softer than when Cody Moore and James Vess manned the interior defensive line. Chris Smith, Ed Wesley, and Jercell Fort each had great runs.

Daryl Washington, Tank Carder, Sir Demarco Bledsoe, Tejay Johnson, Jerry Hughes, and Clarence Leatch were explosive on defense.

Here's Jeremiah's take ($).

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