Tuesday, December 23, 2008

TCU 17, Boise State 16

Five years ago to the day, Boise State beat TCU in the inaugural Fort Worth Bowl, because the Frogs missed a field goal. Today, wearing Sam Baugh's 45 on their helmets, the TCU Horned Frogs beat the Broncos by 1-- and it was Boise that missed a field goal. It was sweet revenge in a squeaker of a game.

TCU played a typical game, holding Boise State to just 28 yards rushing, and holding the ball over 36 minutes. The Frogs' offense was sluggish at times, including throwing an interception each by Dalton and Kerley. Joe Turner and Aaron Brown ran for touchdowns; Dalton and Christian were key on their feet as well (Christian hustled not only for key yards, but to a key tackle after an interception). Hughes sacked Kellen Moore, Hodge had a game-saving interception, and the Frogs' defense generally stifled the Broncos very impressively after the first quarter.

The victory is TCU's fourth consecutive bowl win-- a Frog record-- and this senior class's 41st win-- another record. The Frogs finish the season 2-2 against top-10 competition. Rumors have it Boise State will be invited to join the Mountain West this offseason; the Wimple hopes this occurs.

Here's a highlights compliation-- watch it in high quality; AP; ESPN's recap video and a short interview with CGP; Watson's first impressions; CBSsports.com; FWST special; MM Frogs Pull Rank; Washington, Hodge turn up intensity; LeBreton: Frogs take risk, earn reward; SMQ calls the Frogs more NFL-like; CFN's Five Thoughts and Instant (and overblown, generally lame) Analysis; Frogs' D; BSU wanted perfection, TCU's D demanded it; Frogs rush by committee; SD Union Tribune lead; Spitblood;


Jack said...

Glad your Frogs took care of business!!! Go Utes!

T. Wimple said...

Utes rocked 'em tonight; how Tides turn when outcoached...