Friday, January 2, 2009


Remind me, Coach Saban: who's the team from the "real BCS conference"? Would it be the 13-0 team from somewhere out West that just beat the snot out of your pampered elite Crimson Tide? Or is it the wimps from Tuscaloosa who gave up with time still on the clock, after their QB went down for the... 6th (7?) sack of the day?

Ahh... how stereotypes suffer when the underdogs come out with better motivation, preparation, and coaching. In sum, one could call it a... quest perfected. Congratulations Utah, and Mountain West Conference.
Here's SMQ, Fiutak's gamenotes;


Mars said...

8 sacks.

T. Wimple said...

even better. Didn't Georgia sack Colt Brennan 8 times in last year's joke of a Sugar Bowl?

Poop on the SEC; their #2 team was as much a lightweight as Hawaii, next to the better team in this year's bowl...