Monday, December 8, 2008


Calling TCU-BSU the best non-BCS bowl game, CFN's Matt Zemek says "When Ball State lost the MAC Championship Game, this encounter became the undisputed non-BCS conference blockbuster of the bowl season. Bronco coach Chris Petersen—after the masterpiece against Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl—has to be given a great deal of respect. He’ll have a tremendous game plan ready for the Horned Frogs, who—though 10-2—lost to Oklahoma in Norman and came agonizingly close to beating Utah in Salt Lake City. Had kicker Ross Evans not biffed two easy kicks (and Evans was a Lou Groza semifinalist, it should be noted), TCU—and not the Utes—would have won the Mountain West Conference and found itself playing Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. Given the fire-breathing nature of TCU’s defense, led by the overwhelmingly athletic Jerry Hughes, Petersen’s going to have to have to come up with something special.
"There you have it: It’s the brainy Boise boss against TCU’s talented toughs. Offensive creativity comes up against defensive dominance. Irres
istible force, meet immovable object. Yum, yum, gimme some. Let’s get it on in San Diego!"

Mandel calls this the 5th best bowl of the season; TCU lost its only contest against Boise State in the inaugural Fort Worth Bowl. , by three points. Poinsettia Bowl officially invites TCU and Boise State. FWST lead. Hype is already sprouting: the matchup; Idaho scouts TCU; Idaho finds storylines; FWST reports Frogs eyeing Boise State in the film room. Broncos say TCU is the fastest team they've ever seen; Broncos report; ESPN's Schlabach calls this the 4th best matchup this bowl season; Graham Watson; Bowl thrilled; Frogs' D is best BSU's ever seen; Frogs prepare for fundamentally strong Boise offense, trick plays notwithstanding; LeBreton; BleacherReport previews the bowl, and calls it a lose-lose for TCU and BSU; Boise wants to blanket San Diego; Kerley's back at full speed; Spitblood analyzes TCU's and BSU's QBs, RBs, USAToday on Boise State; likes TCU by 7; TCU and BSU like mirror images;

In the Wimple's opinion, Boise State engineered the most spectacular ending to any football game in the history of the sport, winning the '07 Fiesta Bowl with these three plays:

Here's ESPN's Todd McShay's (oddly slanted) analysis:

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