Saturday, November 7, 2009

TCU 55, SDSU 12

Gary Patterson couldn't have been more wrong. With almost-convincing earnestness, the old ball coach said of playing SDSU, "We are going to have to fight, claw, scratch and get everything we can to try and come back with one more point."

Fight, claw, scratch, and get everything they could the Frogs did; and for their efforts, they got not just one, but 43 more points. To nitpick, SDSU converted five third downs (the same number as TCU); and Brandon Sullivan had a pretty good day against the Frogs' defense, netting 75 yards on 17 carries.

But in the beginning, middle, and end, it was all TCU, all the time. The Frogs got points to finish nine of 13 drives, and never allowed SDSU into the red zone. Dalton's favorite target du jour was Ryan Christian (pictured), who caught three passes, two for TDs. Young, Hicks, and Kerley also caught multiple passes each. LBs Daryl Washington, Tank Carder, and Tanner Brock combined for 19 tackles (14 solo).

Ahead of them, Iowa lost at home to Northwestern, and Cincinnati barely beat Connecticut in a shootout in Cincy. Oregon, the strength of Boise's schedule, lost; Clemson, BYU, Utah, and Air Force, the strength of TCU's schedule, all won. Clemson's win over Florida State likely puts the Tigers comfortably into the polls and the ACC championship game.

Now comes the highlight game of the season: the rematch grudgematch with Utah, who's sporting a very new quarterback and significantly downgraded run defense. The Wimple does not expect this game to hinge on Ross Evans's prowess at field goal kicking.


Jessica said...

Good luck next won't need it as much as we will! I am mostly preparing myself for a loss already...but holding onto to a little bit of hope. I think it will be a close game with a W for the frogs. Unfortunately.

T. Wimple said...

If our players and coaches hadn't been talking about this game for a year, I'd agree with you that would be a close game.

But you're starting a true freshman, in this third game, in a sellout, on the road, at night, against a fearsome defense AND offense, and TCU is going to jacked sky high for revenge...

... that's not the recipe for a close game.

Now, 2010: that'll be a close game.

T. Wimple said...

PS: Shannon thinks your son is ADORABLE. She's smitten with him, no less!