Friday, November 6, 2009

Rebutting libel: an open offer to Scott Nix

Scott Nix libeled me on KillerFrogs yesterday, in Post #10 here. To protect the Purple Wimple's good name, I will summarize Nix's false statements here, (read them in full at the link above) and paste an email exchange he and I had in December 2008 as evidence of my civility, and his lack thereof.

Yesterday Nix claimed I lied in public (presumeably on KF.C) about him, and that I sent him disrespectful personal messages. I have never done either of those things, and in saying I had, Nix himself is the liar.

I therefore offer to reprint in this post any un-altered PMs that Nix received from me, should he wish to paste them into a comment below. Because I have never been irate or rude to Mr. Nix, I do not believe that he can respond in good faith to my offer. However, it stands in perpetuity. Through an acquaintence, Nix will receive this offer personally.

The email exchange:
On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 5:55 PM, [Purple Wimple] wrote:
Mr. Scott Nix, and whoever *********** is:
Let's go through this line by line, because it's patently rediculous.
You say, "I am very tired of your smack. You are an obvious trouble maker with little else to do." Scott, if you're so tired of my smack, why did you email me and yell at me some more? Who's the one with little else to do?

You say, "You go on PM & lie about me...insinuating I'm shallow & a name caller." Scott, you have called me names. That makes you a name caller. Furthermore, you have called me names because I tried to use the word "Rivals" in a post. If that's not shallow, what is?

You say, "If the name "hack" offends you....tough." It is not the name hack which offends me. Dragging this little tiff into personal space and time by emailing me after banning me from you site does.

You say, "I offered to meet with you (in the past) to discuss the situation & you were not man enough to do so." I don't give a damn about however much of a man you think I am. A Christian man is concerned about three people's conception of his manhood: God's, his wife's, and his kids'. Show a little Christian forbearance here, and lay off the appeals to manhood. They're beneath us both.

You say, "I am a fair person." It would be fair of you to use my personal email that I gave to KillerFrogs (before you were involved, might I add) only for KillerFrogs business. But after you have cut me off of KF.C, you no longer have fair ownership of that private information. You are unfairly continuing this fight outside of KF.C.

You say, "Unfortunately you feel entitled." Entitled to what? To KF.C? Have I complained to you or to anyone about being cut off from KF.C? I did not email you, you emailed me!

You say, "Your opinion of me means nothing..." Then why in the Sam Hill did you email me? Why do you have a fan forum at all if its participants' opinions mean nothing to you? Maybe you should start a blog and disallow comments instead.

You say, "but for you to go on PM & try & smear me with lies is ridiculous." Point to one lie on PM from me. Show me the lie. Cut&Paste, man. There ain't one; I am not a liar.

You say, "Sorry this is not High School for you." I don't have any idea that what's supposed to mean. High school was long ago, and is far from me. I hope you can say the same.

You say further, "Unless you decide to totally change your act, I am asking you to not return to KFC." Scott, you're not asking anything of me. You banned me; you didn't ask permission to do so, you just did it. That's your decision.

You say, "If you come back...& there is one more sign of trouble from will be banned permanently." Trouble from me? Pray tell, just what is troublesome about me? Be honest; am I causing trouble? Not a bit of it. I have asked on occasion for a clarification about this or that policy, and have gotten tirades and abuse from you at every turn. I have alluded to the existence of competition for KF.C, and gotten abuse from you. I have pointed out, subtley and with humor, when you suddenly became a fan of J/J and the service they provide. And for it you ban me. Now you email me at a personal address to which you do not have legitimate access, and continue the abuse and invective at me. Who's the troublemaker here?

You say, "I know people who know you at TCU & are surprised by your antics." I don't believe you. But if you wish to convince me, name some names. Who do you know at TCU that I do, and is surprised at my antics?

You say, "I would hope better from you." Allow me to return the sentiment.

You say, "It is only because of posters like you.....who try & stir up trouble between PM & KFC......that there are any problems." What trouble between PM and KFC have I stirred up, except that you take such delight in yelling at me, after banning me? I wasn't around for the KSU-CGP mess; I wasn't around for the Feisty-MatthewTucker rematch. I don't re-up with a new handle every week and spew garbage, which you pointedly allow others to do. It is true that I make reference to PM on KF.C, and vice versa. But other than you, who's offended?

Using the PM service on KF.C to lecture me about how I offend you is OK. BUt to use my personal email to do so is not. Please do not repeat the performance.

[Purple Wimple]


Middle Man said...

I think Nix has internet tough guy syndrome. He kicked me off last week when I said that he should grow up and apologize for threatening violence and instead of pushing fans apart, he should bring them together. Some of the guys on Kf.c are cool, some not so much. I just dont post anymore.

biffula said...

Nix has ruined a good thing over there. Man he is a head case.

T. Wimple said...

Yeah-- I wish I had Scott's PMs to me from the various times he's tried to bully me into... into I dunno what; saying he's awesome or something?

The email in my post is pretty representative. He's a petty, immature guy who thinks everybody's out to get him. It's a shame he doesn't realize the online interaction between other TCU fan sites is added value.

marseillefrog said...

Scott is an idiot. I just ignore him and people like Top Frog now...

marseillefrog said...

oh and I have PM's of my banning if you want to see how ridiculous he is...

T. Wimple said...

I don't. Scott has left his charm many places, so there are many witnesses with mine. That will suffice.

Jeff T said...

You should see Scott Nix in Lot 4 (cantey st). He thinks he is bigger than life. All talk and no show...lots of guts though. That man needs to work on his self worth and go on a diet.

Anonymous said...

they kick off anyone that doesn't think like them they are communists of forums.

Anonymous said...

Come on over to for some psycho free TCU discussion.

Anonymous said...

It's really sad that Scott terminates friendships over a internet forum. He chooses to end relationships with people that actually care about him and thought of him as a friend.

Anonymous said...

Scott just has the old fat ass syndrome what a shame