Monday, November 16, 2009

25 years ago...

... SMU and TCU both went to bowl games in the same season: TCU to the Independence Bowl, and SMU to the Aloha Bowl. Prior to '84, both teams bowled in the same season just twice. In 1948, both teams played January first bowls: TCU in the first Delta Bowl and SMU in the Cotton. The first time TCU and SMU bowled in the same year was after the famous 1935 Game of the Century, when SMU beat Sam Baugh and TCU, winning a bid to the Rose Bowl, and TCU settled for a Sugar Bowl berth.

When'll be the fourth time these stars align? 2009 (including early 2010, if the Frogs win out). SMU joined TCU in bowl eligibility with its come from behind win over UTEP Saturday.

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RicketyFrog said...

Wrong info. TCU went to the Blue Bonnet Bowl in '84. They went to Independence in '94.