Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The decade's most dominant programs

Last in this series about the most dominant teams from 2000 to 2009 are the top ten. There is a qualitative difference in this group, compared to the others in the posts below. Here, bad years are those during which a team falls out of the top 40 in the Dominance Ranking-- and for the Texas, Boise, Oklahoma, and Virginia Tech, "bad" means below the top 20 (there are only three such years between them!).

Of these ten programs, only Boise State, Virginia Tech, and Georgia lack a first-place finish in the Dominance Ranking any year this decade, and only Georgia lacks also a runner-up finish (its highest finish was sixth, in 2002).

1. Texas- 7.50
2. Boise State- 9.90
3. Oklahoma- 10.20
4. Virginia Tech- 10.70
5. Florida- 14.90
6. USC- 17.80
7. Ohio State- 20.40
8. TCU- 21.90
9. LSU- 22.00
10. Georgia- 24.60
Finally, here is a Google spreadsheet of the entire decade's Dominance Rankings, year-by year.


Alicia F. said...

I continue to be amazed at the things you put on your blog when the last bowl game was a few months ago and it's still a couple months before the first game.

T. Wimple said...

there you have it, folks: I'm amazing!

On a serious note, the pre-season previews start coming out shortly after July 4. And there's some big news for the Wimple sooner than that...

HokieFan said...

This data makes me really excited for the VT-BSU opener. It's gonna be a great game.