Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Numbers: BCS payouts to non-cartel conferences

In their revolting glory, here are the revenue rules for the cartel (from page 13 of the BCS Media Guide, emphases added):
A total of approximately $1.8 million will be paid to ... Division I-AA... Also, independent institutions Army and Navy each will receive $100,000 for making their teams available to play in BCS games if selected.

Nine percent of the net revenues from the arrangement, which was approximately $9.6 million in 2008-09, is guaranteed in aggregate to Conference USA, the Mid- American, Mountain West, Sun Belt, and Western Athletic Conferences for their participation in the arrangement. When a team from one of those five conferences plays in a BCS bowl game, the conferences will receive an additional nine percent of net revenues. When more than one team from those conferences play in the BCS bowl games, those conferences will receive an additional $4.5 million for each additional team.

Notre Dame is guaranteed 1/66th of the net revenues after expenses, or approximately $1.3 million. ... The share to each conference with an annual automatic berth in the BCS ... is approximately $18.3 million. When a second team from one of those conferences qualifies to play in one of the games, that conference will receive an additional $4.5 million.

In a nutshell, that says the five cartel-outsider conference are treated as one conference, and in years without a BCS buster, they together share about half of what a single cartel conference gets. In one-buster years, they share about two thirds of a single cartel conference's share.

The wrinkle in this year's BCS money drama is Boise State, which is the second non-cartel team to win a BCS berth-- a new thing under the (Glendale) sun. Using last season's revenue numbers, that translates into 18% + $4.5 million to be split among the five non-cartel conferences, or 21.03% of the net cartel revenue, or $31.169 million. That's about one and one-sixth of a single BCS conference's share of the pile.

The Wimple does not know how the five non-cartel conferences share that dough.

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