Thursday, October 22, 2009

Next up:

It's here: the season's great road conference test for the Frogs. With butterflies in their stomachs, your Wimple correspondents dutifully will pile into a (far too small) sedan in just a few hours, headed northwest for about 20 hours, whereupon they'll crash with some friends (and BYU alums).

Necessaries: purple facepaint? Check.

Ostensibly illegal TCU flag? Check.

Pants wide enough to sneak said ostensibly illegal flag into the stadium? Check.

Posters & markers with which to harangue the kewgies? Check.

Megaphone? Check.

Apologies to nearby fans who wish to enjoy the game in anything resembling peace and quiet? Check.

Further reports will be from the visitor's section, on left edge of the far endzone section (click on the photo for a much larger visualization). From those seats the Wimple saw Jeff Ballard's grand debut in '05. Here's to Andy Dalton's first truly great road triumph, Saturday night!

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T. Wimple said...

geez-- did I hit it on the head or what? "Andy Dalton's first road triumph"? That's spot-on!