Friday, October 16, 2009

CSU gameday preview

The Frogs' second conference game comes against one of the four teams never to beat the Frogs in a conference game. Little suggests that will change Saturday.

CSU boasts the nation's most experienced line, all five of whom played TCU last season. Countering them, is a Frogs' defensive front that has proven itself nearly as fearsome as last season's seasoned four. The Rams could not generate a push against TCU last year for Gartrell Johnson, and will be no more successful this season for Leonard Mason and John Mosure. How's the Frogs' ground game? Very well, thank you. TCU averages 215 ypg, to CSU's 127. Maybe experience up front can be overplayed.

Colorado State has missed Gartrell Johnson, and while Leonard Mason progresses into running in fair replacement to Johnson, the Rams have a decent long passing game, and try to beat teams in the air. Here to, however, the Frogs are higher in the stack than the Rams. This season's Ram starting QB has been effective at replacing Billy Farris, who quietly led the second-most prolific passing attack in the conference. Grant Stucker is currently second to Max Hall among MWC QBs in passing yards. However, he's fifth in QB rating (Farris was one spot higher). TCU's Dalton rated fifth in the conference last season (Farris: fourth); this season he's second; who's fifth? Stucker.

How about defense? It's not close: TCU gives up half as many TDs and 130 ypg less than CSU. Las Vegas says TCU wins by about 22 points; it's hard to disagree.

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