Monday, October 13, 2008

TCU v. BYU pregame buzz

It's finally here-- the biggest game of the year, unless TCU wins, in which case the Utah game will morph into a bigger matchup.

Dare we predict the outcome? Not unconditionally. Rather, the Wimple predicts BYU will win of TCU can't figure out how to stop the Cougars from converting 3rd-and-long plays to its their tight ends. If the Horned Frogs do that, they'll keep BYU's offense off the field-- like they've done to almost every opponent they've seen this year-- and end another NCAA-leading winning streak in Fort Worth.

Pre-game press: spotlight on Daryl Washington; BYU gets film after UNM game; ACS is where winnings streaks come to die; Mendenhall on BYU's D; CGP on BYU's D; focus on the Frogs' D; Cougs good, but imperfect; FWST Wednesday notes; Max Hall is Danny White's nephew; AP says MWC has only 2 teams in contention for a BCS bowl-- BYU and Utah; CGP's weekly presser; BYU's O meets its match in TCU's D; SpitBlood's 10 things to consider; CGP says TCU must play better to beat BYU; ESPN on TCU's D; BYU's a stiff test for TCU; MWC champ and BCS spots go through ACS; turnovers are key; LeBreton: times have changed since SWC days; Frogs ready to win on a Thursday night; beating TCU would validate Hall's record; Deseret News gameday report; Rivals' pre-game report (subscription req'd);

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