Monday, October 20, 2008

Poll Climbing

The Frogs rode their highly-touted Thursday-night victory over #9 BYU out of the dregs and into the sweet middle of all three major college football polls. AP and the coaches both ranked TCU at #15.

The BCS put the Frogs at #14-- the team's highest BCS ranking since November 8, 2005. TCU is one of a record six non-cartel teams to appear on this week's BCS poll. Utah leads them at #11; Boise State is #12. Tulsa, Ball State, and BYU are nos. 19-21.

Meanwhile, something tells me Utah fans might be looking beyond the mark.

The TCU-Utah game has sold out, and Utah is asking its fans to come in black. The question remains: whose funeral will they be attending?

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