Sunday, September 21, 2008

TCU 48, SMU 7

The Frogs opened a can on the Mustangs, claiming the iron skillet for the second time in as many years, and turning in the most dominating performance for the fryer since TCU's 44-0 beat down against SMU in 2004.

It could have been even worse: several Horned Frog receivers dropped would be touchdown passes at or near the goal line. SMU's only long play was a 46-yard pass that got passed Nick Sanders, setting up the Mustang's only score.

The Frogs now prepare to face #2 Oklahoma in Norman next week.

DMN's lead; Aaron Brown returns; SMU's QB stinks against TCU; Startle-gram's lead; highlight on Jerry Hughes; Aaron Brown.
Pre-game press: June Jones will learn to respect TCU football; FWST; FWST. Spit Blood.

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