Wednesday, September 24, 2008

TCU 10 OU 35

Sam Bradford ate the Horned Frogs for lunch in Norman Saturday, passing over blitzing safeties for 4 touchdowns-- three in the first half. OU rode the Frogs out of the polls, while raising its rank to #1.

The Frogs turned the ball over four times, and never forced a break to come their way. A lonely bright spot: TCU frustrated the Sooners' ground attack, holding it to only 25 yards.

Pre-game press: FWST Sep 22; CGP's 5 biggest wins; DMN: OU coach reminds players about '05 loss; DMN spotlights TCU DEs; USAToday: TCU's D #1; OU's offense #1; AP; Gil LeBreton;
Post-game press: DMN; FWST, Patterson's day after; FWST notes. Spit Blood.


JB said...

When do BYU and TCU play? I don't care if I have my midterm the next day--we're going to come watch it with you. Or you can come to our place. By the way, you need to put a link from your other wimple site to this one so I don't have to go through Shannon's site to find it.

T. Wimple said...

JB... JB; who are you? (I know a few folks with those initials, but all the ones I can think of would just call or email me...)

Shan (here, officially "Mrs. Wimple") and I are going to be at a choir rehearsal that night (yaaaaarrgh!) and we're going to miss the first half of the game. But I'm sure we'll be headed straight to someone's place who gets the game after that.

Well-- email me ( and we'll figure out how to watch it together. BTW, the game is October 16.