Monday, August 2, 2010

It's called ""

The Wimple is moving.

Before diving into the new digs, how about a little retrospective?

This all began with my dive into law school in early 2006. Blogging just seemed a cool way to organize my thoughts on this and that, and to store links to articles I liked. Somewhere on the way to classical education and “conservatarian” politics, I started doing a little writeup about each TCU game. Soon enough I was spending as much time blogging about football as politics, and so I started the Purple Wimple.

I shuttered the Thwarth’s Wimple in early 2009, as politics became bad for my blood pressure. The Purple Wimple, however, is not scheduled to terminate. The good folks at Barking Carnival contacted me a few months ago, to see if I would re-cast The Wimple as part of their new blogworld, I agreed, and so the future of The Wimple will be as

It’s a fitting new start, as TCU gears up for its third blockbuster season in a row. Come join the fun, and re-set your internet favorite, to


Todd said...

Congrats Wimple! See you over there.

T. Wimple said...

looking forward. More unit previews for the MWC going up in a day.

Jack said...

Sell Out! ;)

T. Wimple said...

funny, a Utah fan calls the Wimple a sell out!

It's a weird, weird world.