Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hating the BCS, round 109

Lest a day go by without a thought about how despicable the BCS thieves are, here's a visual reminder.

Que puking sounds, and fresh awe of teams like Boise State and Utah who crashed the cartel's party, and won the hottest girls' hearts therein.

And while you're at it, cue fresh jeers for teams like Baylor, Mississippi State, Syracuse, Washington, who cannot convert every possible monetary advantage into a bowl berth or final ranking.

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Justin Farmer said...

Emphatically agreed (insert profanity here:)

T. Wimple said...

I saw a news story today about how the Rose Bowl is resigning itself to its #8 pick of BCS berths this year-- and visiting the MWC and WAC media days, just in case Boise or BYU or TCU runs the table...

Imagine that? A Rose Bowl-- but for only half the payout as the other team on the field. It's like two different drinking fountains.