Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Frogs ink twenty

Here they are: the 2009 true freshmen Horned Frogs-- if they all qualify. The one who's got an asterisk by his name that we know of is Dwight Smith, the do-it-all back from Carthage. (He told Smoaky he's good to go if he scores high enough on this weekend's ACT; here's to that!) Ten players in the group played tailback at least some in high school-- indicating the speed of the class generally. CGP said this is the fastest overall group he's ever signed.

By leaps and bounds, this is TCU's best recruiting class since Reagan's first term. It's impossible to narrow the list to a few headliners. Pachall is the only QB in the group; Brock and Boyce are enrolled with the signal caller already. Cain and Smith were last minute and welcome surprises. The Maud Squad probably have the biggest learning curve, coming from 1A ball, but CGP says they're all very talented. Rivals' Jeremiah says Boyce might be the biggest difference-maker in the group, but I suspect that honor will go to one of the tailbacks when it's all over-- unless Pachall does in college what he did in high school: dominate. Reports put Ty Horn most ready to contribute on the line.

The line players: Maponga, Burns, Dunbar, House, Horn, Tausch, Wooldridge, and Yendry, will keep the Frogs well stocked for years. 2009's wealth in the trenches won't fade quickly. Here's Feisty's (weird) take, DCTF's, and J/J's ($).

And, adding the cherry on top, the Frogs picked up their first 2010 commit- a very highly sought defensive tackle from Aledo.

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