Wednesday, April 2, 2008

'08 season schedule

The Frogs commence conference play with an August matchup against New Mexico in Albuquerque. The next four games are against non-conference foes: Stephen F. Austin (winless in '07), Stanford, SMU, and OU. Conference play resumes in October against San Diego State, and with the November 6 game at Utah, TCU will have played 11 games in less than 11 weeks. After a 16-day break, the Frogs finish at home against Air Force on November 22.

The Frogs play two Thursday games this year, predictably the biggest conference games: against BYU and Utah. By the tilt with the Utes, the Frogs will have been through a grind like the '05 season, which featured 11 games with no bye weeks- and only one loss.

The Wimple expects the most difficult games to be at Oklahoma and at Utah. If the Frogs maintain better health than they did last year, any loss will be disappointing, though OU (and only OU) plainly has a talent advantage.

TCU, Utah, and BYU would be in play for a #1 or #2 BCS rank with an undefeated season, and any MWC team will rank above 15 with a 1-loss season, and outrank any other 1-loss non-cartel team.

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Thwarthwimple said...

Fresno State would make a tremendous BCS case were it to have only one loss. It plays Rutgers and Wisconsin early in the season.